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We are professional music production team with over a 10 years experience in music industry. Our team consists of producers, songwriters and sound engineers. We wrote and produced over a thousand tracks. Music is our life. We better than anyone know how the great hit should sound like. We worked with over hundred independand and major signed artists helping them craft their product that will be well recieved by their fans. Our company can provide all spectre of music production services from creating full rap instrumentals, beats and writing songs to professional mixing and mastering of your tracks. You can buy cheap rap beats online in our online store. You can buy rap beats online and pay via paypal or credit card and receive all files instantly!

Buy rap beats online.

Choose from our beats that include rap instrumentals, dirty-south beats, rap beats, hip-hop instrumentals, and even R n B beats. Our professional producers will make sure that you get 100% satisfaction after buying beats online!


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Producer, Sound Engineer.




Alex Pak

"My name is Alex Pak. I'm a singer and songwriter. I've been working with Corona production for 4 years now. In my music I love to experiment with different styles and techniques both vocal and composing. And guys at Corona always help me to find the best possible sound for any of my experiments. And they always enthusiastic about everything I do be it hip-hop, soul, rock, funk, pop or jazz. So if you really want to make something creative trust your music to Corona. It's always pleasure to work with you guys!"

Jelani Kemet

"If you're looking for high quality mix & mastering at an affordable price i confidently recommend Corona Production. After recording my new single titled " Carousal " I was desperately in search for the right engineers to deliver the sound i invision for this track, so I decided to try Corona Production and I'm surely satisfied with the outcome. These guys are very professional as they take pride in what they do. I have no regrets and will continue to do business with them."

Shay Abshire

"Corona Productions has good, high quality instrumentals for any style! I give him 5 stars two thumbs up ???? if you need a beat hit him up you wont regret it."

Production Credits

Daz Dilinger

Boo Rossini

VIP Music Records

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Beat will be removed if you purchase exclusive rights.

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