The Best Way To Start A Rap From Scratch

Best Way To Start A Rap

The Best Way To Start A Rap

Raps are poems dipped into some music, and that makes the poem more enjoyable. Music makes things nice and pleasurable, whether it’s soothing, romantic, comic, the reality and modern world woos or whatever. When you jingle music with poetry, it becomes an irresistible combination, which you call the rap music, or simply the rap. And if you believe that you have the talent to compose rap lyrics, then you should start right over it, and never ever waste your ideas. You would need nothing other than a pen and paper to start it. And here is the best way to start a rap if you are a beginner.

The thought or concept comes first

When you are writing a rap the first thing is the concept. The lines or words which you connect must be done on a concept, which can be some social issue, fun and humor, mindless chats, a love story, or something else. All such things can be framed into the song if you have the concept clear in mind.

Bring in a story into the poem

The best way to write a rap is by bringing in story or message in the poem. Your listeners must get something engaging to hear on, and you must be able to give that. There has to be a nice introduction, a body and then some concluding lines which starts, then flows, and ends the rap. Whether you tell some story fully in it, or simply share words and thoughts, it all has to be in an interesting frame, to captivate the listeners. When a line comes up, the listener must be asking in the mind for the next line, or simply get interested to hear more. That is how you frame the rap.

What is the bar?

There has to be a catch line which repeats itself through the rap, and is called the bar. This line makes the theme, and you often hear it through the song.

Coat your lyrics in rhythm and rhyme

A very important thing is that you decide on the rhyme early when you start framing the words. Rhymes can be of different types. It all depends on which words you rhyme. You may rhyme only the last words of every line, or rhyme all the words or words at the middle and ends. In this way there are various patterns of rhyming and you will have to find out which one you like.

Rhythm is the most important thing next. The beat or rhythm is the life of a rap, and if the rhythm is not right the poem is of no use. You must get the beat right.

Read it out loud

Finally when you believe your rap is ready, you must read it out loud. If you record it, and then listen to it, it becomes even more effective in helping detect the mistakes, and make corrections. Some missing beats, non rhyming words etc can be easily detected in this way. That is why it’s the best way to write rap lyrics. The more you listen to it, the better and flawless you will compose it.

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