How To Make Money From Rapping

Okay you have written raps, and have made some music as well to go with it, and your rap song is now complete. Now what? If you want to keep them all in your diary, then all the effort would go meaningless. Hence, you must use them, and use them to entertain people, get some attention, make your name in rapping and music industry, and finally earn fair revenue, which will be the homage you pay to your own creative persona for making the rap song. Hence, here is how to make money from rapping. Though you may not start making a living out of it from the first day you definitely will get a party to earn and gradually increase your revenue by selling it the right way.

Make your YouTube channel and earn from it

YouTube is one of the best ways to get popularity soon. It’s the popularity brought by the song and show, which can sell it fastest. Hence if you create a channel, and divert the audience to your blog or site through it you will know how to make money off rapping by selling raps online.

The blog will sell it, while the channel will be marketing it. It’s plain application of ecommerce which can help you get the best response in a short time, and help you earn from your rap songs. You may even start a rap podcast to get some audience, and increase popularity.

Perform the rap in charity and fund raising events

Charities and fund raising events are to raise funds which you can’t keep with you. But you may keep a small portion or just test the skills, or potent of the raps created. This will help you plan the next show or event soon, and you may plan constructive to earn revenue from your song the next time.

Stream your rap song

While streaming the rap may not be a great idea to make loads of money, it surely will bring you enough name and attention from music lovers. There are people in all parts of the world, who love things for free, and if you offer the first few songs or fragments free, you would get even more views to the site, and more popularity, and then you may ask for a small amount for offering the raps on download.

Launch yourself

Setting the steps firm in the music industry would demand investment from your end. You would discover how to make money rapping only when you invest enough to make your raps worth noticing. Launching yourself is thus a great idea. You can make your own album or arrange a show, and sell off tickets. Either the album will sell, or tickets would, and this will bring you some revenue, which will improve over time.

Whatever way you try, it will take you time to gain control on the earnings through selling your rap songs. And your effort must be focused on making good music and good listeners who care and understand your music. That is how you would create a demand for your music and your name in the industry.

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