How to Promote Mixtape

In this music era, the process of releasing a mixtape has become very important  for  underground hip-hop artists. Releasing a great compilation of your original work and remixed works is a good way to showcase new ideas and promote your project. Making music is a task that requires hard work and commitment. Getting your music heard by other is just as important as making the music. Even if you don’t have the best song in the world, promoting it is a must, lest all your hard work should go in vain. If no one listens to your music, it’s almost like it doesn’t even exist. The best way to promote your music is the with help of mixtapes. This article highlights a few tips on how to promote mixtape.

Many rap music artists these days make the mistake of releasing their mixtapes without having a clear purpose. It’s like they are just following the trend without understanding the real motive. All this does is produce a muddle of below average songs that saturate the marketplace and even degrade the good quality hip-hop music available in the market. So if you want your work to be recognized by others, you need to rise above this level and get some real rap music out there. In order to gain attention, it is important that you know how to promote mixtape successfully.

Mixtapes should have a purpose

A common mistake lot of rappers commit is that they don’t bother to promote their mixtape before dropping it. The mixtape is actually a preview of your upcoming work. It serves as a medium for promoting yourself as well as your rap music. While releasing a mixtape, make sure not to give away too much of the entire album. Try to build some curiosity and anticipation among people, which will only help to increase your purchases and downloads. It is usually during the first week of release that you have the opportunity to maximize the exposure of  your mixtape. So its very crucial you have everything in place.

Create the music and visuals

The first step in your music promotion is the creation of compelling and ear-catching music that stands out from the rest of the mixtapes out there. Once you have created the music, the next step is to come up with attractive visuals such as the mixtape covers, advertisements and site skin. Of these, the mixtape cover is the most important part of your promotion, as it is a reliable visual representation of you as a rapper and your music. So make sure to include graphic designs and professional images in your cover to make it attractive.

Plan the promotion

Your music and visuals are ready, now its time to decide on how to promote mixtape. The first step is to decide on a release date and then start the promotion work weeks or months before the release date. This gives you enough time to partner with major mixtape promotion companies and schedule your promotion with them. Email blasts, Website advertising and social media promotion via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are other ways to execute the PR campaign.

For those who don’t know how to promote their mixtapes, these few tips might be helpful. Make sure you have tracking tools to analyze the results and see how far you have come. There is no one way to market your music and make it successful. You have to keep on trying the various marketing strategies and choose the one that works best for you. More than anything else, put everything you have into your work and create the best  music you possibly can. Good luck!


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