How to start Making Rap Beats

How to start Making Rap Beats

Hip Hop Rap songs are the most popular form of Music. The Hip Hop Rappers have a worldwide fan following and their songs are some of the top grosser in any Music App. So if you are a person who would like to pursue your interest in the field of rapping you need to understand the basic of rap beats and pen your lyrics such that it suits the beats perfectly. However, you need to understand the basic concepts of a Rap Beats for which you will have to listen to a lot of such rap bears. There are several websites on the Internet through which you could buy rap beats almost with a single click.

Planning the Beat

To start making rap beats you need to understand the basic concepts of a Hip Hop Beat. To do this, you need to purchase rap beats form any website which offers rap beats for sale. On listening to a number of such rap beats you will be able to identify that every hip-hop beat consists of Drum Line, Bass Line, Lead, Support, and Add-ons.

Understanding the Beat

Before you start making a beat, you need to have a clear idea about the basic components of a beat. The Drumline is the most basic component of every beat which is the foundation for rhythms which set the level of tempo and the background. The Drumline sounds are usually produced using a Kick Drum or snare drum. The Bass Line sounds are produced using a bass guitar and 808 drums which are used to support the Drum Line. The Lead is what makes the Rap unique usually consisting of Guitars and Synths. The Strings and Synth Pads which are used to add additional detailing to the rap are usually known as Add-Ons. Vocal effects are also a part of the Add-Ons.


You need to time your beats to make them sound like hip hop or rap music. The better the timings of the drum line, clap, and snare, the better would be the quality of the rap beat. However, timing the beat is an art which only a few people will be able to master. However, you could improve your timing by listening to hip hop beats for sale. They can greatly help in enhancing your rapping experience. The average beats per minute in a Hip Hop instrumental version is around 115. You could use this level as a reference and optimize your Hip-Hop beats for slower beats like two beats per measure.

Instruments required

Identifying the type of instruments required to make beats is very essential. Most of the Hip-Hop beats use a combination of Snare Drum effects, Clap, Hat for the drum line while a bass guitar may be used for a bass line. These instruments can be sufficient to create a Hip Hot Beat. However, you might need additional lead instruments like Synth to add more texture to your Hip-Hop Beat. Exposure to various Hip Hop beats can help you identify the different types of instruments required to create the best beat. There are several websites which offer Pop Beats for Sale at an affordable price which you could purchase to improve your knowledge of how different types of instruments sound.

Purpose of Beat

You need to have a purpose for your beat which will be helpful while penning the lyrics. Most of the Professional Hip Hop and rap artists focus on improving the pronunciation style of the word instead of singing. The type of pronunciation should match with the timing of the beat to create the perfect blend of rap songs. If your beat involves a singing section, you might have to modify the lead and support instruments as they might require additional equipment.

There is various software available on the Internet which could assist you in making rap beats. Most of this software is available on the Internet for free. However, these Free Software come with limited features and if you would like to access the premium features you will have to buy a paid software. The features offered by a paid software are obviously higher than the features which are available in any free version of a software. These Software are available for different operating systems and they come with a lot of customizable features. However, you will have to go through a lot of tutorials in order to customize the software features effectively.
Customizable Features

Once you have gained knowledge by listening to different types of Rap Beats, you could start making your own rap beats. However, you will need to the different ways by which you could customize your rap beats. To do that you will have to be aware of the sound effects produced by different instruments. Once you have mastered this, you will be able to create your own rap beats. Using a software you will be able to create a drum line and modify the Beats per minute. You could add Bass Line Instruments and also you can modify the length of the piano notes. You could also add any other supporting instrument you would like to include in your rap beat. Using a software can make it easier for you as there are numerous customizable features on a software which could help you learn the trick easily.