Beat pack formats
  • 5 beats (mp3, wav, track stems)
  • 15 beats (mp3, wav, track stems)
  • 5 exclusive beats
  • 10 exclusive beats 
Exclusive beats mean that only one persone can have them. Uploading exclusive beat pack be sure that you have not sold them anybody
Publishing conditions
  1. All beats must be made by you
  2. All samples must be cleaned
  3. Revenue splits are 50-50
  4. We can launch any promotions involving your beat pack to stimulate sales without your consent.
Submitting your beat pack you automatically agree with these conditions
How to create a beat pack
  1.  Create a folder and upload there 5, 10, or 15 beats (wav files)
  2.  In your beat pack folder create a track stems folder and upload there zip files (mark bpm)
  3.  Create an mp3 folder and upload untagged mp3 files
  4. Upload your beat pack folder on google drive or a similar cloud service
  5. Creat mp3 pack preview with all beats
  6. Follow steps in the form below
Submission form