How to Rap Fast

How to Rap Fast


Rapping is a type of art that requires lots of talents and this is also considered a skill that needs a lot of practice. It might be surprising to know but it’s true that the fastest rapper can in this world has the ability to drop almost a dozen of syllables for one second. In order to become a fast rapper, one needs to be creative and determined.

Excellent rapping can get the audience completely hooked and stay close listening to the rapper’s rhyme. Many rappers are in fact recognized for their best ability of spitting rhymes in no time. If you are aspiring to be a rap king, there are many ways on how to rap fast and clear that can help you become the king of rap. These ways include but not limited to the following:

  • Look Up for Difficult Tongue Twisters

If you are looking for a way on how to rap fast and clear, you need to invest your time doing tongue twisters. However, do not settle for easy ones that are only designed for kids. You need to look for the hardest and longest tongue twisters that you can find. Always look for something new.

  • Rap without Music or Rap Along with Songs

You can rap without music by means of reciting lyrics on your memory without a help of music. In case you forgot the lyrics, begin over and over again. Keep going until you master the entire song. You can also rap along with music or songs by putting away the lyrics and reciting them from memory. Repeat this step until you have completely memorized the lyrics. Once you are able to recite rap lyrics from your memory, you’ll be able to focus on performing songs a lot faster.

  • Memorize Words

In order to perform song backward and forward, you have to make sure that you are completely familiar with the song. It’s impossible to rap fast when you are not really confident and certain about the next lines.

  • Practice your Diction and Controlled Breathing

Diction pertains to how you pronounce or speak words clearly. When rapping fast, good diction is vital if you want your audience to clearly understand your words. There are actually many ways on how to practice your diction. You can search online for these.

Practicing controlled breathing is also one way that can help you become a fast rapper. Keep in mind that poor breathing strategies can distract your many listeners from your clever use of words. You need to support and better tone your voice when breathing from your diaphragm.

These are just a few of the many ways on how to rap fast. Also, practice is the vital key here. You need to work on personal skills on regular basis so that you can easily do tongue twists and most of all rap faster. Practice for about two hours regularly but do not forget to rest your vocal cords.

Follow these ways and you will surely be heading to a new road as a fast rapper. For guaranteed results, you can also buy rap beats online from a trusted supplier.