How to write a rap hook

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Writing a rap song is not something everyone can do. One has to create catchy and meaningful words that match a sick beat. Above all, creating a rap chorus that is appealing to its listeners is the most challenging. The chorus or the hook is one of the most significant components of a rap song. It is what makes people attracted to that song and persuades them to listen to it over and over again.

What is a rap hook?

A rap hook is a short fragment of melody that is included in the song title. It is what represents the identity of a song. Whenever we talk about a rap song, its hook or chorus is the first thing that comes into our minds. Therefore, it always should be something catchy and easy to remember.

There are various types of hooks available including Rhythm hooks, Intro hooks, and Instrumental hooks. They all differ in the ways used to create them. It is also possible to use more than one type of hook in a rap song.

When creating a rhythm hook, a short, melodic beat has to be created first. Words that go along with the rhythm are added later on. On the other hand, when creating an intro hook the main goal is to produce a strong and catchy melodic fragment within the intro of the song itself. Then this fragment is repeated throughout the song where it seems appropriate. In instrumental hooks, a catchy piece of music; be it a great piano melody or a guitar chord, is used in every chorus making it very unique.

Creating from scratch

If you are new to creating rap songs, you might definitely find it to be a very difficult task. We are here to give you several useful tips on how to write a rap hook that might be useful in creating your own unique and personal rap hooks.

Decide on a theme

Before starting to write a rap hook you should have a theme as a basic foundation. You can brainstorm and let your imagination free to find that perfect theme to work on. It can be love, hate, betrayals, incidents, sports, your personal experiences or literally anything that seems fit to you. When deciding on a theme, you should pay more attention to your target audience. You should be careful enough to select something that will be readily embraced by them.

Find inspiration

If you are stuck being unable to find a beginning for your rap hook, you can always look up to other artists. You can listen to your favorite artists and try learning their styles of writing. By analyzing their work carefully you will be able to learn how words can be manipulated into making meaningful and powerful lyrics that blend with a catchy rhythm. However, it is important not to copy their words entirely and you should only use them as guidance for creating something unique of your own.

If you are wise enough, you will be able to find inspiration to your work from your own life events. You can use a rap hook as a way to express your personal feelings and experiences to the outside world. For example, we all love Eminem because his work is filled with powerful emotions related to his personal relationships. When you use words to express your true feelings and experiences, listeners tend to get more attached to you and your work.

Create a sick beat

Even the greatest of lyrics will be useless if there isn’t a good rhythm to go along with them. It’s to the beat or rhythm of the rap hook that most people get attracted first. Even if they don’t understand anything in the lyrics they will still keep listening to it because of its catchy rhythm.

The beat should never collide with the theme. Usually, a slower beat is suitable for a sad theme, while a fast beat is ideal for a happy and positive one. However, there is no hard and fast rule as such. If the beat can do justice to the lyrics it will be more than fine.

Use online instrumentals

Let’s say you are a person who loves to have an instrumental hook in your rap song but you lack basic music knowledge to create one on your own. What should you do? The best thing to do is to buy hip pop beats that have already been created by experts in the music field. There are various websites that offer you the chance to buy hip pop beats online according to your requirements. With the help of these instrumentals, you can easily create a good rap hook on your own.

Write it catchy

As mentioned earlier, the chorus is what everyone remembers from a rap song. So, it is important to make it catchy and unique. It is good to use meaningful words in a chorus but is not always necessary. You can use any thing as long as the target audience likes it. You can incorporate images and action words to make your chorus interesting.

It is always fun to rap lyrics that rhyme. Usually, two adjacent lines of a rap song are written to rhyme together. However, it is not necessary to make everything rhyme. Some writers prefer to add independent lines every now and then with no rhyming counterparts. No matter what, the ultimate goal must be to create a chorus that is both catchy and interesting.

Rap and practice

You should make sure to rap your chorus every now and then to see how it is coming. Then only you will be able to make any adjustments where needed. You can either record it and listen to it yourself and see how you actually sound or you can ask for an opinion from another person.

Rapping is a wonderful way to express your emotions and personal experiences to the outside world. So, do not hesitate, just grab a piece of paper and let your imagination free. You will be able to conquer the world with your words!