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3 beats – $30

6 beats – $60

9 beats – $90

10 beats – $120


3 beats – $40

6 beats – $80

9 beats – $120

10 beats – $150


3 beats – $70

6 beats – $140

9 beats – $210

10 beats – $250

Select 3, 6, 9, 10 beats of the same license type to activate discount. Not available for exclusive rights!

Purchase Instruction
  1. Click + ADD next to the beat(s) you wish to order
  2. Select the license you require
  3. When you are ready to order, click Buy Now in the top right to redirect to make payment.
  4. After payment you will receive the download links to your beats to your PayPal email address (please check your junk mail)

Payments for any licenses are non-refundable

Leasing Beats Online:


License information


$303 beats
  • Untagged mp3
  • Sell Up to 5000 copies
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • 1 Profitable Use (iTunes, CD, TV, Film)
  • Instant Delivery To PayPal Email


$403 beats
  • Untagged wav+mp3
  • Sell Up to 10 000 copies
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • 3 Profitable Use (iTunes, CD, TV, Film)
  • Instant Delivery To PayPal Email


$703 beats
  • Untagged wav+mp3+wav trackouts
  • Unlimited Distribution
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Unlimited Profitable Use (iTunes, CD, TV, Film)
  • Instant Delivery To PayPal Email


$From 149
  • Untagged wav+mp3+wav trackouts.
  • Unlimited Distribution
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Unlimited Profitable Use (iTunes, CD, TV, Film)
  • Instant Delivery To PayPal Email
  • Beat Сan No Longer Be Sold


How to buy 1 beat and get other 2 for free?

Select 3 beats of the same license type to activate discount.

I don't have a PayPal account, can I make a payment via credit card?

– Yes, PayPal accept payments via credit cards


How exactly will I get my beat and how long will it take?

Beat will be sent instantly to you via email that you attached to your PayPal account.

How to use coupon code?

Very simple, just click on the top left options tab and look for “ADD COUPON”. Then apply the code and you should be set!

Will you remove your voice tag after I purchase a beat?

Yes, of course.

Will you remove my beat from your website after purchasing?

Beat will be removed if you purchase exclusive rights.

Lease VS Exclusive

Leasing rights give you a right to use a purchased beat, but it will be sold multiple times to multiple music artists. It is usually lower in price because of it

Exclusive rights means that the beat will only be sold once to a single music artist. That artist then owns the beat.

Pros of buying leasing rights? First of all  leasing rights save your money. For example, if you are upcoming recording artist, I would advise buying just leasing rights and spend the rest of your budget on promotion of your music, music videos etc. .

Exclusive rights will be perfect for a you if :

  1. You have a lot of money so it’s not expensive for you or if you have sponsorship or a big personal budget for your project.
  2. You are not an upcoming artist, you have loyal fans, gigs and you make money on your own music.
I purchased a non-exclusive license for certain beat. If someone buy exclusive rights on it, won't i be able to use it anymore?

When you purchase any license for certain beat, you get an individual contract with unique validity of the license and information that all other licenses regarding to this beat remain active. In the case if someone else buy exclusive rights on this beat, it won’t affect on your license so you will be quietly able to use it during the specified period of validity of the license.


about us

First, big shout out to Corona Production for working hard to produce their Highest Quality Beats. Second, my name is Chris Hugo a.k.a CRIZZYFLOW from Toronto, Canada and I am Hip Hop Artist. That's right, the City where DRAKE grew up and first started Rapping. I've been Rapping for a while doing underground
Hip Hop Music and now Hip Hop Music is changing. I wanted to try something different that relate to modern Hip Hop Music and put it out on the market. So I was looking online for beats, it took a while and found Corona Production. It was a Beat that caught my attention to try out something new with Modern Hip Hop. It took me some time to get it done, hustling work and working on my passion for Hip Hop Music. But I finally got it done!! Third, I would highly recommend Corona Production to any Artist looking for High Quality Beats as I give them FIVE STARS rating.
Corona Production team have different style of Beats and my style is working with Eugene.

Chris Hugo
Chris HugoRap artist

I was looking for some high-quality beats for my debut single and EP. Fortunately I struck Gold when I found these guys on the net.
Corona Productions have pushed me to be a better singer song writer and Rapper from Portsmouth UK. There productions have helped bring the best out of me!
I look forward to continue working with Corona Productions in the present and near future. I hope we can continue building our relationship and hopefully make a huge success story that will go down in the music history books!
Thank you Corona Productions!

Kris One Life!

KrisHip-Hop artist

What’s good people, my name is Leon Flames from London, England and I am a Hip-Hop artist.

I call them my Russian brothers because anything I need for whatever type of song, they have always got me covered and we have built a real working relationship.

I have been working with Corona Production for a few years now and when I am working on my music projects, I always hit up my guys to see what new beats they have for me. Everything that Corona Productions produce is of the highest quality and standard and my engineer DJ Limelight from BBC Asian Networks agrees with me.


Leon Flames
Leon FlamesHip-Hop artist

I purchased a few beats now from corona beats! And I must say they are FANTASTIC!! Not only are the beats incredible but they respond to messages instantly!! Eugene is my favourite?but i havent spoken to the other producers but i dare say they are amazing too! Great prices and great beats! 10/10

Sophie Smith
Sophie SmithSinger

Corona Productions was extremely helpful in providing Hip Hop beats for my Christian Hip Hop album project. The online purchases were smooth, safe and painless. I also utilized their music mastering services and Corona Productions was very timely, professional and able to provide a high-quality product. I highly recommend Corona Productions for your music needs.

Christian, He Died For Me Ministries, Hollister, CA

Studio Session

our team

who we are
We are professional music production team with over a 10 years experience in music industry. Our team consists of producers, songwriters and sound engineers. We wrote and produced over a thousand tracks. Music is our life. We better than anyone know how the great hit should sound like. All beats are 100% original and royalty free.
Producer, CEO
DK Hop
DK Hop
Producer, Sound Engineer
Chronic Beatz
Chronic Beatz
Producer, Sound Engineer

Contact Us

Phone: +7(916)4816593

Leasing Beats Online


We are now living in the digital age and this is greatly affecting each and every musical aspect. Nowadays, the best way for independent artists in order to get their hands on the quality music production is through the online sources. There are a lot of websites that offer buying and leasing of beats online. However, some still feel a little uneasy about buying and leasing beats online and those reasons are completely understandable. You might possibly come across a website that is shady and unprofessional. You may feel unsure of their buying process or maybe you are unsure what rights you have when buying beats online. If you want to feel safe and secured, lease beats online with Corona Production because of the following reasons:

  • Professionalism – When looking for websites in search engines that lease beats online, you need to ensure that the website is professional. In terms of professionalism, Corona Production has a very professionally-looking website that only indicates how serious they are about their business. Leasing beats online with us will make you feel safe because we carry ourselves and communicate in a very professional manner. We have a very clean mission statement that shows and explains what we want to achieve as a music production company. We are the best and safest investment when you plan to lease beats online.
  • Verification – When looking for websites that lease beats, you should not be sold on the looks alone. Look for website like Corona Production that has a PayPal verified sign. This only shows that the PayPal has already verified Corona Production’s business account, which is another sign that leasing beats online with us can guarantee you safe business transactions.
  • Certainty – Before you purchase a beat, you should feel any sense of uncertainly. You should look for a beat leasing site that has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Corona Productions displays a list of the most common questions in order to clear up any issues that you might have. If in case you can’t find a question the same to yours available on our FAQs page, we are providing 27/7 customer support service. We have a very clear list of contacts available on their website such as phone numbers and email addresses. When leasing beats online you can send us quick messages or emails to know how safe it is to make investment with us.
  • Contracts or purchase process – Another feature that you need to consider when you’re looking for a safe website to lease beats online is the contracts or the purchase process. Corona Productions provides a detailed step by step guide for their beats purchasing process. We have included information about our payment methods and what you need to expect when leasing beats from us. Also, we are providing non-exclusive contracts on our website in order for you to have something to review before making your purchase. When leasing beats online, we greatly understand that you need to have a clear understanding about the involved limitations in the contract.

With Corona Productions, you will be able to have a safer purchase or lease of beats online.

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