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3 beats – $30

6 beats – $60

9 beats – $90

10 beats – $120


3 beats – $40

6 beats – $80

9 beats – $120

10 beats – $150


3 beats – $70

6 beats – $140

9 beats – $210

10 beats – $250

Select 3, 6, 9, 10 beats of the same license type to activate discount. Not available for exclusive rights!

Purchase Instruction
  1. Click + ADD next to the beat(s) you wish to order
  2. Select the license you require
  3. When you are ready to order, click Buy Now in the top right to redirect to make payment.
  4. After payment you will receive the download links to your beats to your PayPal email address (please check your junk mail)

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License information


  • Untagged mp3
  • Sell Up to 5000 copies
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • 1 Profitable Use (iTunes, CD, TV, Film)
  • Instant Delivery To PayPal Email


  • Untagged wav+mp3
  • Sell Up to 10 000 copies
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • 3 Profitable Use (iTunes, CD, TV, Film)
  • Instant Delivery To PayPal Email


  • Untagged wav+mp3+wav trackouts
  • Unlimited Distribution
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Unlimited Profitable Use (iTunes, CD, TV, Film)
  • Instant Delivery To PayPal Email


$From 149
  • Untagged wav+mp3+wav trackouts.
  • Unlimited Distribution
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Unlimited Profitable Use (iTunes, CD, TV, Film)
  • Instant Delivery To PayPal Email
  • Beat Сan No Longer Be Sold


How exactly will I get my beat and how long will it take?

Beat will be sent instantly to you via email that you attached to your PayPal account.

How to use coupon code?

Very simple, just click on the top left options tab and look for “ADD COUPON”. Then apply the code and you should be set!

Will you remove your voice tag after I purchase a beat?

Yes, of course.

Will you remove my beat from your website after purchasing?

Beat will be removed if you purchase exclusive rights.

How to buy 1 beat and get other 2 for free?

Select 3 beats of the same license type to activate discount.

Lease VS Exclusive

Leasing rights give you a right to use a purchased beat, but it will be sold multiple times to multiple music artists. It is usually lower in price because of it

Exclusive rights means that the beat will only be sold once to a single music artist. That artist then owns the beat.

Pros of buying leasing rights? First of all  leasing rights save your money. For example, if you are upcoming recording artist, I would advise buying just leasing rights and spend the rest of your budget on promotion of your music, music videos etc. .

Exclusive rights will be perfect for a you if :

  1. You have a lot of money so it’s not expensive for you or if you have sponsorship or a big personal budget for your project.
  2. You are not an upcoming artist, you have loyal fans, gigs and you make money on your own music.


about us

I purchased a few beats now from corona beats! And I must say they are FANTASTIC!! Not only are the beats incredible but they respond to messages instantly!! Eugene is my favourite😛but i havent spoken to the other producers but i dare say they are amazing too! Great prices and great beats! 10/10

Sophie Smith
Sophie SmithSinger

Corona Productions was extremely helpful in providing Hip Hop beats for my Christian Hip Hop album project. The online purchases were smooth, safe and painless. I also utilized their music mastering services and Corona Productions was very timely, professional and able to provide a high-quality product. I highly recommend Corona Productions for your music needs.

Christian, He Died For Me Ministries, Hollister, CA

Yo guys thankx so much for awesome music that makes our hearts beats fast!

Fly music & dope style makes everything LIT !

Hope to hear more new school trap shit !

That's what we need now ! At this moment .

Much Love and respect !

East side-west side boyz goes down for that shit !

U got the ?

Georgiy Djalyi
Georgiy DjalyiRap artist

It has been a wonderful experience working with Corona Production. Corona-production.com has an awful lot of beats that will help you in getting that perfect track for your song. They have a talented roster of producers, an increasing number of exquisite beats, and a reliable paying system. If you have a special request, the beat makers are very hands on and will work with you finding the perfect beat. Feel free to contact them. Corona Productions is my number one choice!!! I'd absolutely recommend this website to everyone!!!

Evgeniya Degtyareva
Evgeniya DegtyarevaRapper, singer

My name is Alex Pak. I'm a singer and songwriter. I've been working with Corona production for 4 years now. In my music I love to experiment with different styles and techniques both vocal and composing. And guys at Corona always help me to find the best possible sound for any of my experiments. And they always enthusiastic about everything I do be it hip-hop, soul, rock, funk, pop or jazz. So if you really want to make something creative trust your music to Corona. It's always pleasure to work with you guys!

Alex Pak
Alex PakSinger, songwriter

Studio Session

our team

who we are
We are professional music production team with over a 10 years experience in music industry. Our team consists of producers, songwriters and sound engineers. We wrote and produced over a thousand tracks. Music is our life. We better than anyone know how the great hit should sound like. All beats are 100% original and royalty free.
Producer, CEO
DK Hop
DK Hop
Producer, Sound Engineer
Chronic Beatz
Chronic Beatz
Producer, Sound Engineer

Contact Us

Phone: +7(916)4816593

Buy Pop Beats

Corona Productions is an online instrumentals store that sells the best music beats to music artists. We sell pop beats and beats of different genres and our rap beats are the most popular. Our website is pretty easy to access.

You can buy a beat by simply clicking on the add button next to the beat itself which will then show you a list of license that you require. When you have selected the license of your choice , you can click on the checkout button to confirm your purchase. This will redirect you to the payment page. After you have made the payment the buyer will receive several download links to the beat they purchased via email.

There are four types of licenses that a buyer can purchase , such as , non-exclusive, premium, unlimited and exclusive. Each type of license gives you access to various features which increase according to the price. Every license, excluding the ‘exclusive’ license has certain discount packages attached to it categorized according to the number of beats the buyer purchases.

The exclusive package will be best for you if you are not a debut artist and are already well established with countless loyal fans and gigs or if you have a big budget or sponsorship. This package starts from $149.

The beat will only be sold to you and then it will be removed from the website, no other singer or musician will be able to buy or use the beat.

The discount packages are only applicable if you have the non-exclusive, premium or unlimited license and you purchase 3,6,9 or 10 beats at once. You can also use a coupon code with your purchases. Just click on the ‘Add Coupon’ button available in the top left corner options tab and then enter your coupon code to apply it on your purchases.

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